Dr Mehul Chourasia

PhD Student                                                                   

Role in Project:

Phenotypic and genotypic determinants of Cardiovascular and Anti-Hypertensive drug response and intolerance in UK and Indian populations.


  1. Implications of Insecticide Resistance for Malaria Vector Control with Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets: Outcomes From A WHO-Coordinated Multi-Country Prospective Study. Lancet Infect Dis. 2018;Vol 18; 6:640-649 Immo Kleinschmidt, John Bradley; Tessa B Knox; Abraham P Mnzava; Hmooda Toto Kafy; Charles Mbogo….; Mehul Kumar Chourasia;………..; Martin J Donnelly
  2. ‘Monitoring of long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs)coverage vs. utilization and determinants for its use: a community-based survey in malaria endemic villages in Central India’ in Malaria Journal (BMC) 2017 Nov 17;16(1):467 Raghavendra Kamaraju; Mehul K Chourasia; Dipak K Swain; Rajendra M Bhatt; U Sreehari; GDP Dutta; Immo Kleinschmidt
  3. ‘Additional burden of asymptomatic and sub-patent malaria infections during low transmission season in malaria endemic forested tribal villages in Chhattisgarh, India’. Malaria Journal (BMC) 2017 Aug 8;16(1):320 Mehul K Chourasia; Kamaraju Raghavendra; Rajendra M. Bhatt; Dipak K Swain; Hemraj M Meshram; Jayant K Meshram; Shrity Suman; Vinita Dubey; Gyanendra Singh; Kona M Prasad; Immo Kleinschmidt
  4. ‘Involvement of Mitanins (Female Health Volunteers) in active malaria surveillance, determinants and challenges in tribal populated malaria endemic villages of Chhattisgarh, India’ BMC Public Health (2018) 19:8 Mehul K Chourasia; Kamaraju Raghavendra; Rajendra M. Bhatt; Dipak K Swain ; G.D.P. Dutta; Immo Kleinschmidt
  5. “Impact of long-lasting insecticidal nets on prevalence of subclinical malaria among children in the presence of pyrethroid resistance in Anopheles culicifacies in Central India”. International Journal of Infectious Diseases, 2017;57:123–9 Mehul K Chourasia; Raghavendra Kamaraju; Immo Kleinschmidt ; Rajendra M Bhatt.; Dipak K Swain; Tessa B Knox; Neena Valecha
  6. “Burden of asymptomatic malaria among tribal population in a forested village of central India: a hidden challenge for malaria control in India” Public Health 147C (2017) pp. 92-97) Mehul K Chourasia; Raghavendra Kamaraju; Rajendra M Bhatt.; Dipak K Swain; Immo Kleinschmidt; Neena Valecha
  7. “Household training Vs. Mass campaigns: A better method of health communication for preventing malaria” in Tropical doctor, Trop Doct. 2014 Oct 1;44(4):196–200 Mehul K Chourasia, Vinod J Abraham VJ, Jacob John
  8. “High prevalence of dental fluorosis among adolescents is a growing concern: a school based cross-sectional study from southern India”. Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine. DOI: 10.1007/s12199-016-0589-0 Anand Verma; Bharatesh Karunakar Shetty; Vasudeva Guddattu; Mehul K Chourasia; Prachi Pundir
  9. “Road Safety; How Well- Informed Are Our Rural Population?” Journal of Evidence based Medicine and Healthcare; Volume 1, Issue-11, November 17, 2014; Page: 1404-1411. Sherin Paul, Sam Marconi David, Mehul Chourasia, Fibi Ninan, Sharon Rymbai
  10. “Asymptomatic pyuria among diabetics is a growing yet an ignored concern: An exploratory study from rural India” IJMS, Ms. No. Medical Science-14-1188R1 Sherin Paul, Mehul K Chourasia
  11. “An exploratory study on Predictive factors and utilization of long lasting insecticide treated bed nets (LLITNs) among tribal population in India”, International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) 2014; 3:10   Mehul K Chourasia, Vinod J Abraham VJ, Jacob John

Publications under review:

  1. ‘Underlying challenges in the path of malaria elimination: From India perspective’ submitted in Tropical Doctor (SAGE) Mehul K Chourasia; Anand Verma; Prachi Pundir
  2. ‘Insecticide susceptibility status in Anopheles culicifacies to bendiocarb and deltamethrin in a sub-district of Chhattisgarh state, India- A report’ in Tropical Biomedicine (Malaysian Society of Parasitology & Tropical Medicine)- Under Review   Dipak Kumar Swain , Kamaraju Raghavendra, Rajendra M Bhatt , Mehul Kumar Chourasia, Chaynika Nag , Sakthivel A, M. Anjaneyulu, Martin Donnelly
  3. Implications of insecticide resistance for malaria vector control with long-lasting insecticidal nets: trends in pyrethroid resistance during a WHO-coordinated multi- country prospective study. Parasites and Vectors- under review Implications of Insecticide Resistance Consortium
  4. Characterization and monitoring of deltamethrin-resistance in Anopheles culicifacies s.l. in the presence of a long lasting insecticide-treated net intervention. Malaria Journal- under review. Madhavinadha P Kona; Kamaraju Raghavendra; Martin Donnelly; Rajendra M Bhatt; Nutan Nanda; Mehul K Chourasia; Dipak Kumar Swain; Shrity Suman; Sreehari Uragayala; Immo Kleinschmidt; Veena Pandey


Orcid account: http://orcid.org/0000-0001-6363-8843

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