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Agreement sees Dundee’s diabetes expertise exported to Afghanistan

Dundee’s NIHR funded Global Health Research Unit INSPIRED, headed by Professor Colin Palmer is to work to improve outcomes for diabetes patients in Afghanistan while training local researchers to carry out future studies into the disease.

The unit will collaborate with the Dr Aziz Amir at the Moraa Educational Complex to investigate the incidence of diabetes in patients attending the outpatient department of the Kabul hospital with the aim of offering sustainable solutions for individuals with the disease.

The Moraa Educational Complex is a female-focused project addressing the need for a safe educational environment for Afghanistan woman from kindergarten through to adulthood with a focus on medical training, helping to address the need for female healthcare workers in the country.

In 2017, the University of Dundee was awarded a £7 million grant from the National Institute of Health Research Global Health programme to establish INSPIRED, a major new Scotland-India clinical partnership to combat diabetes.

GoDARTS 20th Anniversary celebration seminar in Pitlochry

INSPIRED-GoDARTS 20th Anniversary-Post Doc Yu Huang strikes a pose half way up Ben Vrackie

INSPIRED students and post docs attended the GoDARTS 20th Anniversary celebration seminar in Pitlochry, September 2018.

Following the seminar, Professor Palmer and team walked to the summit of Ben Vrackie before heading back to Pitlochry for some well earned pub food.

Dr V Mohan receives 2018 Harold Rifkin Award

INSPIRED – Dr V Mohan – American Diabetes Association’s 2018 Harold Rifkin Award

Dr V Mohan received the American Diabetes Association’s 2018 Harold Rifkin Award for distinguished International Service in the Cause of Diabetes.

Viswanathan Mohan, MD, PhD, received the American Diabetes Association’s® (ADA’s) 2018 Harold Rifkin Award for Distinguished International Service in the Cause of Diabetes. This award honors individual outstanding service in the cause of diabetes, performed with an international perspective and with international impact. Dr. Mohan was recognised with this honor at the ADA’s 78th Scientific Sessions, June 22-26, 2018, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.

Internationally renowned, Dr Mohan works tirelessly to address the challenges of diabetes in India and developing countries. He is actively involved in Indian Government health policy and advocacy programs related to diabetes, and he has served as President of the Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India.

“Thank you, Dr Mohan, for your commitment to serving people with diabetes and to bringing systematic changes to improve populations. Congratulations on this accomplishment,” said the ADA’s 2018 President of Health Care and Education Felicia Hill-Briggs, PhD, ABPP. “Your efforts to ensure that the best diabetes care is available to people in India and other developing countries have improved millions of lives.”