S. Jebarani

Senior Manager and Head of Data Management.   

Ms. Jebarani had earned Executive MBA in Systems Administration from Karnataka University. She is a Microsoft certified professional in SQL Designing and Implementing Databases & Installing, Configuring and Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition

She has undergone Short-term research scholar training program in Creation and Development of Database Strategy at Florida International University, USA. She is a trained internal quality auditor from ASAP Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Chennai. One of the team member in a Joint project (EMORY-USA & MDRF-INDIA) on Patient follow-up and Poster presented on “An Investigation into the causes and consequences of poor health service utilization and clinic follow up by Diabetes patients in India” at Emory University, USA.

Experienced in all aspects of the life cycle of application development from requirements gathering to product deployment and support. Expertise in Relational Database Design, Implementation and Administration in Clustered environment, Performance Tuning and Disaster Recovery Planning, Perform Extract, transform and Load (ETL) operations from various data sources and server environments. Domain knowledge in the areas of Manufacturing, Sales, Public Health and Healthcare.

Currently associated in data management duties in Madras Diabetes Research Foundation – To ensure the consistency, confidentiality, availability and integrity of data.  To Develop logical and physical database designs for Healthcare web-based applications in consultation with application project teams.  Support user requests for statistical Healthcare data as requested using various database tools and result output formats. Review and Provide guidance to developers on Transact-SQL and schema design to support Management Information.


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email: jeba@drmohans.com 

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