Dr Shona Matthew

Alumna of the University of St Andrews, Shona came to the University of Dundee in 2012 with a strong background in laser, particle, solid-state and medical physics. Working as part of Prof J Graeme Houston’s research group, Shona was involved in a number of cardiovascular (CVD) magnetic resonance imaging studies aimed at the accurate and early detection of cardiovascular disease in distinct patient groups.

In 2014, Shona accepted the role of Project Manager for the ReDVA project (2013 – 2017); an EU funded, FP7 joint industry-academia research programme aimed at overcoming some of the scientific and technical barriers to the understanding, development and adoption of technologies to combat the failure of renal dialysis venous access.

Following the successful completion of the ReDVA project, Shona moved to Professor Colin Palmer’s group to take up the role of NIHR Global Health Research Unit Manager for the INSPIRED project (2017 -2021). The aim of the project is to combine retinal imaging and molecular information to achieve personalised diabetes treatment in India. In particular to provide a low cost, agile and sustainable solution supported by telemedicine for outreach to the poorest populations.

In May 2019, Shona left the INSPIRED project and moved to the School of Physics & Astronomy, University of Edinburgh to take up the role of Project Manager for the Euclid study.

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