Dr V Prathiba

Dr. Prabitha has worked at Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre, Gopalapuram, Chennai as Consultant Ophthalmologist since 2001, she was appointed Head of Glaucoma Department and Executive Consultant in 2007.  Dr Prabitha has 18 years clinical and research experience in field of screening and management of eye diseases related to diabetes.  She has been involved in the diabetic retinopathy screening study using smartphone based Remidio fundus on phone camera, the results of which were published in PLOS journal 2015. She was associated in the Comparison Among Methods of Retinopathy Assessment (CAMRA) Study: Smartphone (using iPhone 5 and a 20 diopter condensing lens), Nonmydriatic, and Mydriatic Photography. She has also been involved in the Chunampet Rural Diabetes Prevention Project (CRDPP).  Dr Prabitha has several publications and chapters in the field of Diabetic Retinopathy in reputed national and international journals.


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Email: drprathiba@drmohans.com

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